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Hi, Nick Walia here. This website has been up for a few years now, but I haven’t really done anything with it. Sure, I’ve written two novels, but I hardly consider that ‘production’. Bad business was written in 2010 and sold several thousand copies, despite Kindle statistics informing me that most Kindle authors will never sell a hundred copies of anything in a lifetime. After that I did nothing writing related, because I was too busy stressing over businesses and later, jobs.

Four years later, I penned Motts Point, this a forced production after returning home late from work and compelling myself to attain a certain word count daily. I wasn’t that elated with the final product but would consider it okay. But hey, I did the work, so I put it up. Conversely, Bad Business was a satisfying production (if you like violence, gross sexuality and plenty of vulgarity in a novel). I’m not so sure I would write that today, but at the time it was satisfyingly entertaining).

After a long time (six more years), I’m working on a book right now, release date undetermined, but anticipated in the next few months. I picked a title, one of fifty I have written down, and decided to push forward.

According to my website counter, I see that thousands of people have visited my website, so, in short, I’m also adding a blog portion now; this will include varied articles and short stories of general interest. There may also be reviews of things of no consequence, sarcasm, humor, thoughts and varied randomness. Some will be informative and some will simply be an interesting time pass for entertainment purposes. I sincerely hope that this brings some value to some.

I wrote several articles more than two years ago but never posted them. Why? Probably because I thought they might be a complete waste of someone’s time, including my own. I’ll start posting them today. The current pandemic has skewed my perspective, so I thought why not go for it now? I’ll post at least an article a week for now, on Sundays and keep working on my book.

Okay then, so let’s kick it off. Happy Reading!

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