Short-lived Internet Fame

Okay, so I’m guilty as charged—I do skim through the New York Post every day. It’s basically an addiction now because I’ve reinforced the damn habit so much. It’s mostly full of grisly murders, celebrity sightings and a relatively unbiased view of the political landscape that varies daily. They often have catchy and humorous names for their articles, and they do grab attention.

Often, I come across stories about how some millennial has packed up their desk at work, told their boss to shove it and taken off on some global excursion to start a travel blog. Or I’ll read about some couple that is living the ‘van life’, whereby one packs up all their shit and drives around the country, living out of a modified van and doing odd jobs at various locales along the way. It’s portrayed as oh-so-liberating and rent free and Bohemian.

Many of these characters have amassed moderate to decent amounts of Instagram and other social media followings and plan to do this for the long haul. I call bullshit!

In my humble opinion, the end result of these endeavors for the vast majority—99.99%–will be disastrous. They will be behind on real world marketable work experience by the time they wake up and snap back to reality. They will also be financially behind. Sure, you’ll see that .001% on the morning news, telling the audience how they made it and how all you have to do is “pursue your dream”. I say don’t buy into it. This on a whim shit ain’t a solid plan. And if any social media platform changes their algorithm on a Friday at five p.m., your whole shit could be flushed, along with your followers.

If you want to be Bohemian, you’d better figure out a plan to make a lot of money first. Then you can be as free spirited and hippyish as you want. Think hard about your financials before you decide to spend the next two years writing about some beach in Thailand where you rented a five hundred dollar a month apartment because that money is going to run out before you know it. Think about how you’re going to save money to buy a house in the US because most of you are going to get homesick pretty fast. You’re not getting a New York slice, an everything bagel with cream cheese or a good burger over in Asia. What you are going to get is a cultural smackdown, dysentery like you never knew existed and a drain on your meager bank account that seemed infinitely larger when you did your exchange rate calculations before you left the good old USA.

Think hard my young friends. Travel by all means—on your vacation time-pursue your passions in the morning before work and in the evening after it. Gain your experience in the school of hard knocks, but take advice from those who have gone before you and heed it well. You can do anything on the side; if it works, it’ll be great and if it doesn’t, well, you can always get up and try again. In fact, you must try again…and again…and again. But, by doing it on the side there is much less chance that it will ruin your financial future. Once you’ve made your first million the hard way, you’ll be in a better position to navigate your dreams.

Remember, not everyone is a Kardashian.

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