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Blog Introduction

Hi, Nick Walia here. This website has been up for a few years now, but I haven’t really done anything with it. Sure, I’ve written two novels, but I hardly consider that ‘production’. Bad business was written in 2010 and sold several thousand copies, despite Kindle statistics informing me that most Kindle authors will never […]


I always tip well, twenty percent usually, sometimes more. Not everybody does. I tip the Uber driver, the waiter, the bartender. But often, I find that a tip is not appropriate or necessary. If I’m picking up a bagel at my local store, I never put anything in the tip jar. Those things seem to […]

Mindless Movies and TV

We all watch TV, most of us anyway. Sure, there are a couple of guys in my office who claim that they live ‘off the grid’, but they do watch Youtube. I come home from work tired, take a shower, eat something and then plop down on my comfortable couch, ready to while away the […]


You never think it’s going to happen to you, but it does. I mean, you know it will in some sort of subliminal way, but not really. You know, even when you’re young, that this is the progression of life. It’s going to happen, but it’s so far off that it’s not really a perceptual […]

Customer Service

Do you ever notice how customer service sucks, but companies still manage to stay in business? How the heck do they do that? It beats the hell outta me, I’ll tell ya. Why do you deserve to be in business if you don’t do the right thing by your customer? You don’t, as far as […]

Should You Start Your Own Business?

A lot of people think that they’d like to start their own business. Often, that’s when they’re staring at the blank cubicle wall in front of them, wishing that they were anywhere else but there. They dream of millions and of the lifestyle they’d rather have than this nine-to-five miserable grind. The problem is that […]

The Beach

The waves lap up on the golden, sandy beach, giving me an ethereal feeling as I walk, my feet feeling each grain of sand as it sifts through my toes; there’s no better feeling. The sound of the small surf lapping against the pristine shoreline provides a feeling of calm and an immediate forgetfulness of […]

Short-lived Internet Fame

Okay, so I’m guilty as charged—I do skim through the New York Post every day. It’s basically an addiction now because I’ve reinforced the damn habit so much. It’s mostly full of grisly murders, celebrity sightings and a relatively unbiased view of the political landscape that varies daily. They often have catchy and humorous names […]

Commuter Confidential

The tension for me begins as soon as I’m sitting in my car, anxiously observing the clock edging forward, while my wife slowly and methodically packs her lunch inside, blissfully unaware that with each passing second traffic is building on the main road adjacent to our house. Each moment that passes will invariably make it […]